One Mouse to Another | By @njugunas_son

Author: Njuguna Xavier

two-mouse-talk-coloring-pageoften i have wished for Human speech…


Thee fares well, I can tell you’ve been swell

From girth on waist and wobbly gait, signs of a plenty slate

I too have tried, kitchens pried but should I say I’m good I would have lied

Fortunes have departed, deserted the Lives were once they imparted.


From slight of tongue, I tell of pang

By twitch of nose, hungers pinch void of pause

From idle chatter, of more grave matters

Tell I beg, for I’ve not fed and Tom is hosting some newlyweds.


Where to begin, this tale retold

Dear Sam has departed, so the mouse this tale started

Cathy’s beloved lays under mounds of soil now hardened

They watched him fight, saw him ebb, saw his future’s end.


I mourn dear friend, this morn my heart crumbles in bend

The gentle soul, him never foul deserved not such a brief role

Such pain it is when death this life stains

I mourn, yet still revel in the days he spent.


Hush! On my heart don’t further stomp

Cathy’s taken to rags, often I hear her rumbling pang

See her carry her son, from dawn till down goes the sun

Tilling his land, He who now bites the people’s hand.


I was there, I barely standing for worse of wear

Witnessed his visit, he who now sits on it

Selfless acts where his premise, Sam’s health his promise

For weight of glee I barely ate, the people’s son had vowed a shared slate.



Tit for tat, we strained our cords with heedless tact

Sought to this gospel spread, that heaven and earth would be ours to spend

Had they not shared a meal, true gentlemen’s seal on a deal

I was not short of glee for Sam’s well was my eventual swell.


I trod from thatch to thatch, wary lest the unbelled be keen to sweet me snatch

From they first to them least, best to worst; for him I barely slacked to pant

Dear Cathy was obsessed, and only him she unceasingly professed

And our priceless find to heaven finally arrived


Haa! You should have seen my endless gleam

Unknown, queer to a stranger I must have seemed

Only I wasn’t alone, the people were finally home

And so we made merry, to the influence of bottled berries.


Should time stand still someday, as then should things be I pray

Sweet words now turn sour, from a monstrous mouth others pour

They who toil without halt or brief, by new law now they thief

And the mouth feeds and feeds, swallowing the sweat of these rampant thieves.


Sam too frail soon fell prey to the seasons hail

To him Cathy hurries to beg Sam’s passage in his carriage

This man of the people who now mans the people

Who abodes behind a walled fortress, to negate they say common men.


He is not in, has not been, where even is he?

So say sinewed sentries, common men deterring men deemed common

‘‘Wails and cries dear woman, will move no one’’

‘’Others more important have been, they too left unseen.’’


Tears and haste mark her stride, the prick of stone and thorns aside

For she knows all too well, the calling toll of the grim reapers bell

Through the night she watches him fight, sees him ebb, sees their future end

And tightly she holds to all she owns, his only gift this son they own.



One Mouse to another


Often I have willed for Human Speech

Again and again their fortunes seek to teach

Whence did they see mice build nests by a feline’s den?

Are they blind, do they not see their shakled minds?

They loath pigs on four, choosing those on two; pigs too…..


@njugunaxavier 2016


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