Beautiful Woman | By @SharonKioko1

Author: Shazzy Kioko



One Mouse to Another | By @njugunas_son

Author: Njuguna Xavier

two-mouse-talk-coloring-pageoften i have wished for Human speech…


Thee fares well, I can tell you’ve been swell

From girth on waist and wobbly gait, signs of a plenty slate

I too have tried, kitchens pried but should I say I’m good I would have lied

Fortunes have departed, deserted the Lives were once they imparted.


From slight of tongue, I tell of pang

By twitch of nose, hungers pinch void of pause

From idle chatter, of more grave matters

Tell I beg, for I’ve not fed and Tom is hosting some newlyweds. Continue reading One Mouse to Another | By @njugunas_son