The Burden & Responsibility Of Conciousness

When they tell you knowledge is power, they leave out the part where it is insomnia too. They tell you to learn but do not tell you that the more you learn, the more you want to learn. That the more you keep learning the more you keep questioning. The more you question, the less you sleep; not just because you have questions lingering in your mind that you have a thirst to find answers to, but  also because you are having debates with voices in your head. You toss and turn a for a few minutes – even hours if you are persistent – trying to shut them all out so you can catch some sleep, before you eventually just give in to the light, borderline darkness, that keeps you awake and you start trying to find conclusions, which lead you to more questions.


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Tiwa Savage: A Reminder of an Oppressive Culture

If you are aware of the publicly unfolding events of Teebillz and Tiwa Savage’s marriage, that may have contributed to your clicking on this article. You may then be hoping to have sugar added to the already spilt tea because we are a fast food culture attracted by drama more than we are by substance. You will be disappointed to know that this article will address the patriarchy within most of the Afrikan societies when it comes to marriage.

I know, yet another article on patriarchy in less than a week. If you take issue with this, it is because you are a product of a society that has normalized patriarchy and/or misogyny and perpetuates it, whether consciously or otherwise. The issue therefore, is not that I, along with other women and men keep raising this issue, but that misogyny exists. With that settled, since you already have one foot in, you might as well take a seat and read on, after which you can leave me a comment on your disagreement; perhaps even help me see I have it all wrong yes?

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